"Wolfwood Photography is so good!! Alyssa is the most amazing photographer; my little granddaughter did not want to cooperate but Alyssa was so patient and caring with her.  I will definately be using Wolfwood Photography for all our photography needs!"
Kim Butterfield
"She is very patient and makes you feel very comfortable. I highly recommend her. Her work is very professional and fantastic."
Susana Dickson

Cedar Hills, Utah Fine Art Photographer

Alyssa Gerratt began her career in 2000, as a web designer and graphic artist, with interest in modeling, art and photography.  She loved to take photographs and aspired to use it to express herself and to create.  Alyssa began taking photographs of the only model she had at the time, which was her then 2 year old daughter.  She learned many complex programs and studied her craft intensely until she was able to incorporate her creativity and technical knowledge into the photos, transforming them into beautiful works of art.  Soon she branched out into the modeling and fashion world as a professional and became published in various international magazines.


  Alyssa is married and has 5 children. Her youngest is an amazing 4 year who has Down's Syndrome.  In April of 2017 she started Wolfwood Photography. Her very first project was a calendar, Tales of the Upside of Down , which featured the beauty and grace of local Utah children with Down's Syndrome,  inspired by her youngest son, Atlas.  Visit the "calendar" section of the site to see the finished product. 


Alyssa is very proud to offer free studio sittings to all children with special needs.

Contact Alyssa

10087 N. Willow court

Cedar Hills, Utah 84062